Franjo's Kitchen Choc Chip Lactation Biscuits 250g

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Created to "fill up the tanks", Franjo's Kitchen Choc Chip Lactation Biscuits boost and maintain milk supply during breastfeeding and provide mum and baby with important vitamins. Perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea or when on the run!


Who are they for?
Our tanker toppers are for breastfeeding Mum's but can be enjoyed by the whole family. The ingredients can help boost or maintain the supply of milk which is particularly useful during:

  • Growth spurts
  • When Mum needs / wants to express regularly
  • For the evening feed when baby likes to fill up for a long night sleep (for both baby and Mum)
  • An expecting Mum can start eating them around her due date to encourage milk to come in

How many do you need to eat?
This varies from person to person, generally eating 2 a day will help maintain supply or 4 to boost milk supply.

Wheat free, Dairy free, egg free & no refined sugar