Farmer Jo - Pear, Pecan Nuts and Ginger Baked Muesli 400g

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  • Farmer Jo's Pear, Pecan Nuts and Ginger Baked Muesli is made by hand and baked in small batches by using the most premium of natural ingredients.
  • The muesli gets its delicious taste with the Farmer Jo team getting the best from every individual ingredient before they are combined into the finished product.
  • The perfect companion to sprinkle onto smoothies, cereal or ice-cream (yep, we went there)!

Ingredients: Australian Wholegrain Oats, Golden Syrup, Macadamia Oil, Pecan Kernels (4%), Dried Pear (4%), Dried Ginger (4%), Coconut, Pumpkin Kernels, Orange Juice, Natural Vanilla Flavour.

Allergen Information: This product contains tree nuts and gluten. May contain traces of sulphites.