No Flu Soup In A Jar 390g by Bahukara

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Introducing Bahukara's No Flu Soup. A smooth vitamin enriched pea soup with a subtle mix of Lebanese spices. Our customers say even kids who would never eat greens devour this one.

The No Flu Soup is packed with goodness. We are all familiar with split pea soup right? But did you knew there is a lot behind those little peas? Full of soluble fibre, peas help to reduce cholesterol, a single cup of cooked dried peas in your daily diet provides 65.1% of the recommended daily fibre. They also provide a good amount of protein, two B-vitamins, folate, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin which all aid in energy metabolism (or helping to convert the foods you eat into usable energy!) Peas also include isoflavones, which are helpful in reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

If that isn’t convincing enough split green peas can help stabilize your blood sugar levels while providing a steady supply of energy. Studies have shown that type 2 diabetics who eat at least 50 grams of fibre per day can lower their cholesterol, their triglycerides, and the VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein) by a considerable amount.

Peas can also reduce the amount of plaque in your blood vessels and help your heart remain healthy. If you are sensitive to sulphites, which are added to most deli foods and salad bars, the mineral molybdenum will help you detoxify them. Peas can provide you with almost twice the recommended daily allowance of this mineral from a single 1-cup serving.

Then we add a generous amount of onion seed and garlic to this mix which boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. We should be selling this in pharmacies right??

Then on top of all that – it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy as you tuck into a big bowl of hearty goodness that is also really good for you. If you like, add some bacon bones to the hot pot and make it a pea and ham soup. You might want to get two bottles……

Order it today and try it with freshly chopped parsley, grated turmeric or crispy fried protein of your choice. To be really exotic try a drizzle of The Pumpkin House Pumpkin seed oil!