Gluten Free Pasta: Vegie Penne Pasta 250g by Casalare

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  • Rich in texture with the subtle colour and flavour of beetroot, spinach and tomato, Casalare's delicious Australian vegie penne pasta is free from gluten, wheat and dairy.
  • With the perfect al dente texture, it won’t crumble when cooked as many gluten-free pastas can.

Why we love it: Our children love this pasta and can't get enough. When you've got picky kids and need to whip something up quick, the vegie penne comes in handy!

Ingredients: White Rice Flour (oryza sativa), Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch (manihot utillssma), Maize Flour, Tomato powder (1.2%), Spinach powder (0.6%) (spinacia oleracea), Beetroot powder (0.6%) (beta vulgaris), Vegetable Gum (405)