How to make a perfect (and easy!) matcha latte

You may have noticed green tea lattes popping up on the menu of your local cafes recently. For those of you that want to make a matcha latte from home, I wanted to share with you a great and simple recipe which is perfect for those with or without equipment.

½ a teaspoon of Zen Green Tea matcha (1 teaspoon if you like a strong matcha taste)
1 cup of milk (dairy, almond, soy are all great)

1. Dissolve the matcha powder with a splash of hot water to form a syrup (you could use a bamboo whisk if you have one or a teaspoon)
2. Froth hot milk: You can use a milk frother or heat in a saucepan and add the milk to a blender with the syrup to create the frothy effect.

Hint: Serve with a smidge of honey or a sprinkle of matcha on top. Enjoy!

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